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On March 6, 2011, in General, by admin

Back in the 90s, when the dinosaurs still roamed the internet, and the concept of a search engine was little known, people linked to their favorite websites from their websites. And those were not paid links, not even reciprocal links or any other shenanigans – those were genuinely interesting links, if not always related to the site they were on. This was, however, how people used to discover new websites and it was fun.

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Fast forward today in the age of search engines (mostly Google), how you find websites on the web has changed completely, and not always for better. Search engine manipulation is well known and common, now for the most part, you discover websites not by recommendation but by who wants to get discovered more than others.

That’s why Link 69 goes back to the roots and offers a hand edited selection of web development and marketing related websites. Websites listed here are not paid links, they are not reciprocal links, they are here because they are among the best in the industry and deserve to be here.

Hi! Welcome to Link 69!

Link 69 is a human edited web directory of web development and marketing related websites.